Serie Craftsman: lote Linea Mini Pantechnicon

 7.865,00 IVA incluido



Our latest Craftsman Series machine features the work of Jacob Elull-Blake of Pantechnicon Design.

Based in Seattle, WA, Jacob Ellul-Blake is a longtime friend of La Marzocco, and was instrumental in developing our ongoing set of custom GS3 Options. Pantechnicon has a long history of creating beautiful custom machines for clients like Stumptown CoffeeAllegro, and Whole Foods, and has been featured in the New York TimesLA Times, and Barista Magazine.


We wanted to combine Jacob’s years of experience working with different woods & metals to create a unique custom machine option for the Linea Mini. The result is an all-white Linea Mini adorned with brass accents and a custom Copper Acaia Lunar Scale built into the drip tray and custom Knockbox Surround.


Machine Features:

  • -Built-in Drip Tray Copper Acaia Lunar Scale
  • -Brass Cup Rail
  • -All-White Brew Paddle accented by a center Brass Plate
  • -Brass-capped Steam and Water Knobs
  • -Brass Frame Fascia
  • -Brass and White Delrin Portafilter Handle
  • -Brass-Plated Grouphead
  • -Brass-Trimmed Pressure Gauges
  • -Brass La Marzocco Logos
  • -White & Brass Adjustable Machine Feet

The Pantechnicon Craftsman Linea Mini Package includes the Pantechnicon Linea Mini, Pantechnicon Knockbox Surround & Knockbox insert ($110 value), and the copper Acaia Lunar + Portafilter Plate ($350 value).

Each machine will be built-to-order, and expected time to ship is 4 weeks from the time the order is received.

The Pantechnicon Craftsman Linea Mini & accompanying accessories are available only in the U.S.A. on the La Marzocco Home website. A limited number of these custom machines will be created, and we are expecting to sell out quickly.